Count and Recount


Seventy-two is divisible by two, four, six, eight, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, and thirty-six. It is twelve times six. It is the sum of four consecutive prime numbers (13 + 17 + 19 + 23), six consecutive prime numbers (5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19), and is considered to be “room temperature” in degrees Fahrenheit. A regular pentagon (a pentagon with all five sides of the same length) has five angles that are each seventy-two degrees. The average number of heartbeats per minute of a resting adult is seventy-two.

(I got a lot of those from Wikipedia. I don’t just know a lot about the number seventy-two.)

Seventy-two is an important number right now for me because it’s the number of stitches in a scarf I’m working on. I’m not following one specific pattern, but rather the idea outlined in Jill McGee’s My Favourite Things Infinity Scarf (Ravelry link, must be logged in). The basic idea is an infinity scarf with various colorwork patterns, of which the knitter chooses for his/herself. As well as a few starter patterns, she provides links to other people’s scarves that they’ve shared with her. Many link patterns and charts that they used for others to find as well.

I started the scarf as a learning project. I desperately wanted to learn color knitting but I didn’t know where to start. I was going through the downloaded patterns on my laptop over Christmas break, looking for a pattern to use up my stash, when I found My Favourite Things. It was too perfect.

I’m now obsessed with colorwork. I thought I would stop when the scarf hit five feet but now it’s five feet and three inches (my height exactly) and I don’t want to stop. I still have like four designs I want to use, and I want to wait until next week to find out if I got into my ED school, and in the event that I do, I’ll knit the logo into the scarf, too. So I have a new goal. Seventy-two inches. I always liked symmetry.

Inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt for today: numbers


Obligatory Intro Post

Hi. I’m Bel. I’m seventeen.

I’ve blogged in the past under different names and in different capacities. I’m not good at blogging. I lose interest too quickly and I forget that I even have a blog until it’s three months after I’ve created the thing.

But my senior year is halfway over, and it feels like yesterday was October and I was freaking out about my calculus grade. And that’s a relief, yes, but also scary. Like, really scary. I want to document myself and my friends and my life right now before I go to college because as a writer, I need to remember this time.

My tagline says that my blog is “the mostly-true stories of a part-time creator.” The mostly is my bias, as well as the fact that I’m not only going to be posting about my life, but the things that are happening around me as well. Also, I say part-time creator because I create a little bit of everything at different times. I knit, I write, I act, and I direct (kind of. That’s a story for another day).

I hope you, whoever you may be, enjoy my commentary on the world, and whatever shenanigans I post on here.